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Birthdate:Jul 5
Website:The Dippy Jones Travel Blog

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10 things i hate about you, a knight's tale, ace of cakes, agnosticism, alternative film, amelia atwater rhodes, american sign language, andromeda, arrogant worms, avatar: the last airbender, baking, barenaked ladies, bbc, beauty and the beast, biking, blogging, bob marley, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, castle, chocolate, christianity, christina aguilera, circle of magic, cooking,, daria, david bowie, dirty dancing, dj earworm, doctor who, documentary film, dollhouse, dr. horrible's sing along blog, dragonflies, dragons, elves, enter the haggis, eureka, faeries, fantasy, feminism, field hockey, film, filmmaking, fire, fitness, french, gaelic, gecko, good omens, great big sea, grey-a, guelph, harbourtown sound, harry potter, hiking, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, how i met your mother, howl's moving castle, ireland, iron man, italian, italy, japan, joan of arc, keane, knitting, ladyhawke, lamb, languages, le petit prince, libraries, lie to me, lily allen, lord of the rings, lost girl, love, mac, mad men, malajube, mary magdalene, merlin, mock the week, modify, moulin rouge, moxy fruvous, mythology, ncis, neopets, new waterford girl, norml, norway, ocean's 13, our lady peace, paganism, percy jackson, photography, piano, politics, queen, religion, repo! the genetic opera, rocky horror, rovers, sci-fi, science, scotland, scouting, sherlock holmes, sims, singing, soapmaking, spirit of the west, spirituality, star trek, studio ghibli, supernatural, tamora pierce, tangled, teh interwebs, tequila, the big bang theory, the boondock saints, the brain that changes itself, the community, the daily show, the princess and the frog, the princess bride, the soup, the tao of pooh, the tudors, the union, the wild hunt, tiesto, torchwood, travelling, trueblood, tryo, underwater hockey, video on trial, videogames, wall-e, weeds, white collar, world of warcraft, wrestling

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