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2028-07-05 02:30 am
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Raspberry Buddies

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2011-04-07 06:58 pm
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get to know me

Full name: Veronica

Gender: female

Age: I am exactly 22 years, 9 months old.

Birth date: July 5

Place of birth: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Current place of residence: Toronto/Guelph, ON

Heritage: Scottish, Welsh, Norwegian, English

Siblings: Heather (20) and Liam (12)

Parents: Rachel (50) and Spencer (49)

Religious/Spiritual affiliation: Christian…. ish… But agnostic, and very spiritual, rather than dogmatic

Pets: None :( my poor fishy died a couple years ago…

Marital status: In a relationship since 2007 with the best boyfriend in the whole world; Jon.

Sexual orientation: Heteroromantic

Tattoos/piercings: Just pierced ears. Considering a few tattoos though…

Glasses: Always. I do have contacts, and for a while in high school I just didn’t wear anything, but I like my glasses now and I need them.

PC or Mac: Mac… at least until I need to replace my laptop… I can’t see me having much money anytime in the future, so unless I get another gifted Mac… :/

Mobile phone: An old Blackberry Pearl I bought off a friend, no data or anything, just good for texting.

Do you believe in ghosts? Pretty much

Do you believe in UFOs? I don’t see why I shouldn’t

Abortion: For anyone who needs it, no questions or judgments.

Death penalty: Never.

Gay marriage: Absolutely.

Where have you traveled? Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, UK, US and Hawai’i (technically still US, but it’s still pretty special)

Where else can you be found on the internet? LiveJournal, Facebook, my travel blog, tumblr,, twitter, Goodreads, google profiles, Flickr, YouTube, and my sister wants to start a blog with me about how weird our dad is. I’ll let you know if that happens. I probably missed a bunch of places, but those are the main ones.

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